AMP Web development

AMP Web development

AMP Web development

Here, in this article, you get the knowledge about amp web development & how important it is for the website.
As online community increasing day by day and many publishers publish an article on a daily basis for their billions online users. AMP abbreviated as Accelerated Mobile Pages and the use of this latest technology is helpful for the developers as well as users.

Globally, the majority of our online users exist on a mobile phone. Heavy traffic of visitor come through the mobile phone as compared to “traditional devices” such as laptops, computer.

Thus, we can say that mobile computing is one of the basic components of digital world which will be didn’t ignore.


Building for a Mobile Users:

Developing a Mobile friendly website is the first priority for any professional developer. The first step towards it is to create a responsive website design that is easily understood by any user and open in all type of devices such as mobile phone, tablets, computer etc.

One another approach of creating a mobile-friendly website is AMP web development. This approach also backed by a Google, to more shorten the loading of a page on the website.

Now mostly publishers apply an amp on their website to quickly open the site on mobile phone. Amp is helpful to engage mobile traffic. Normally the majority of people not like to wait.

If you thought that amp is similar to responsive website design then you are not wrong. However, they both are different on some point. Let look on it.

Key Differences Between AMP and Responsive Web Design

Both AMP and Responsive web design are focus to deliver flexibility for digital users. But they have some sort of difference b/w them.

  1. Responsive web design is a method that applies to a site which works on all devices such as the computer, mobile, laptops, tablets etc.
  2. Amp is a technology launch by a google to support mobile users. It mainly preferred a mobile user to provide quick access on the content of a page.

 AMP consists of three components

To improve the working performance of a website. Google enhance some technology to smoothly open the page without any wait.

  • AMP HTML: A pervious tags of Html is upgraded for amp html to improve the loading speed. Such as <img> tag is replaced by <amp-img> tag.
  • AMP JS: An amp JS is responsible to fastly loading of data from the resource.
  • Google AMP Cache: Google AMP Cache serves the services of quickly loading of cache AMP Html pages

AMP Web development services Offered by a Kitsoul

Kitsoul with his highly experienced team serving the amp web development services in Lahore, Pakistan. We always updated our self with the latest technologies offered by Google.

AMP is specially designed to engage the mobile user on your site. Normally, people want to prefer the fast loading website as compared to slow loading website. AMP creates a new revolution in this field.

AMP instantly give access to content without any loading. So, choose kitsoul web Development Company in Lahore to make your site beneficial for your business in minimum time.

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