A simple way of converting text between Upper Case, Lower Case, Sentence Case, Proper Case through case converter online tool

A case converter online is an application that is specially designed for conversion of text from upper case to lower case, lower case to upper case, sentence case, proper case etc.

You simply have to enter or import a data from any document & paste it on the upper text case converter empty box. It is very beneficial for those who didn’t know how to do text converting method on an application like MS word.

Good thing of this case converter online is, no knowledge required to use this application. User just has to come on the website & paste the text then text converter converts the text by just clicking a single click according to your desired order.

Kitsoul develop a text case converter that contains all type of text converter on a single platform. What type of text that case generator converts

“Uppercase Converter”: uppercase converter converts all the text into capital letters. It allows the user to convert large amount of data into capital letters. For example, MY NAME IS ALI.

“Lowercase Converter”: A lowercase converter converts all the text into small letters. User just put their stuff in the text converter box & then see how text case converter shows their wonders. Example of function that lowercase converter performs: my name is ali.

“Sentence Converter” sentence converter converts all the text in a sentencing order. It automatically makes the first letter of sentence capital after a full stop.

“Propercase converter” The function of this proper case converter is to capitalize the first letter of each word like My Name Is Ali.

While you are entering a document you forget to off the caps locks- don’t worry we have a solution of it. By Case converter online you don’t need to retype a data. Simply copy your text and paste it on text converter and convert it according to your need by selection multiple buttons of uppercase, lower case, sentence case etc. The tool that we launched to have the capability of all caps convert.

Once you convert data according to your requirement then select all text & press ctrl+C to copy all the text and then simply paste it with ctrl+V on a document where you want to save the text.

There is another method of saving the text that is by simply clicking the “download text” button. When you press this button it will ask you where you want to save it. You simply choose your path & then select ok.

Kitsoul as a leading web development Company in Lahore launch this text case converter to make easier for the users who are unable to change the text on a document application. It is a user-friendly tool & basically built to do text arrangement in an easy and simple manner without wasting any time.

I hope this case converter online helps you in adjusting a text. If you like it please don’t forget to share it. Thankyou

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