Pre-Production Company in Lahore

Kitsoul is the best pre-production company in Lahore that manages and helps studios and production companies. We manage film crews, create shooting schedules, and call sheets and backup files in the cloud. We are the best pre-production company In Lahore that helps in the film industry. When the film industry makes a new project like a shooting the new movies and working on the new drama serial they make the path that how works on their project. For this purpose, pre-production is a process in which a filmmaker refers to the tasks undertaken before production begins. And they will decide what is included in this stage depends on the medium and situation.

What is Pre-production

A Pre-production is a process in which you can perform photography, film shooting and concept making for the film at a beginning stage, other functions that are involved in pre-production are plan, procure, arrange, organize, discuss, finalize, rehearse, scout, negotiate, schedule, budget, cast, manage, meet, rehearse and final performance.

Film Production Company in Lahore

We at kitsoul is the top-class film production company in Lahore. Before starting the film production, the key elements are very important like meeting with a cast, and all crew who worked in the project, decide the location, director, and cinematographer are set. In this way, pre-production is more specific to complete and make the successful project. We offer a great service of pre-production in which you can reach your point and make the successful production. In our pre-production include Financing, Screenplay, Major staffing, Location scouting, Selecting the final cast (Actor and Actresses), Production Schedule, Set construction, Decide your ideal video length, Create the scripts and discuss with the caste, Make a short list.

How We Work

The world most intuitive pre-production software

We’ve streamlined the entire call sheet workflow to save you time.


Manage and Built-in weather and hospitals. Map links added to call sheets.


We manage personalized call sheets include easily allocate individual call times, private notes, and custom parking instructions by department or contact.


Manage custom schedules, effortlessly create robust schedules, and add scenes, meal breaks or company moves.

Import and manage film crew contacts with total accuracy

Kitsoul filmmaker software has streamlined the process of manage cast and crew details leading up to a shoot. Create and manage the film crew list and assign them to projects.


Import your entire email list directly into Studio.


We create cast and crew lists for the new project and manage the project.

Script breakdown sheet remains, and smarter

As a pre-production company in Lahore, we manage the script breakdown sheet. Create the list, add elements, scene breakdown notes, preview the shooting scripts, manage locations, and manage breakdown sheet categories.

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